Ladies, prepare your bikinis! Guys, get your speedos ready! We’re going to Eilat! 
September 12th-13th-14th, 2019 Magic Sunrise club, Eilat 
◄ “Ballagan” Festival ► 
3 days of Latin festival craziness! 
✔ Pool parties + Swimming pool games 
✔ 24 hour Open Bar  
✔ Zumba at the pool  
✔ Dance performances 
✔ more than 30 international artists! Many local Israeli performers  
✔ Breakfast, lunch, dinner & midnight snack  
♬♫ Brazilian Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ Bachata Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ Zouk Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, & mainstream Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ Cuban (casino) Salsa Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ Ballroom (couples) and Line Dancing Dance Floor ♬♫ 
♬♫ LA, Mambo/Dura, & Pachanga Dance Floor ♬♫ 
...and more!! 
So what are you waiting for!? 
Sign up before all the rooms are filled! 
About the Festival 
As in every summer, for the 16th consecutive year, Israel’s most prestigious Latin dance festival is back again– “Ballagan” Dance Festival. “Ballagan” Festival has gained recognition over the years as the largest and leading festival of its kind in terms of production, professionalism, content, and established high standards. “Ballagan” Festival is widely recognized for its uniqueness, and receives waves of praise year after year. The Festival is also characterized by its high quality attendees who come back year after year: about 2000 professional and amateur dancers, coming from all the various dance style backgrounds, each finding his/her own dance connection – the sizzling salsa parties, the sensual bachata parties, ballroom parties, modern club music parties, dance workshops, risqué pool games, pool parties, national salsa and rueda competition, live performances, stand-up, international artists, all jam-packed into three consecutive days of 24 hr sensory overload fun, in cooperation with the best Latin dance schools in Israel. 
5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, coffee & cake at 4 p.m., dinner, and night snack. 
Open Bar: alcohol and non-alcohol 
Giant outside swimming pool, as well as indoor pool, both open for night swim. 
“Ballagan” activities: salsa parties, ballroom parties, dance workshops for all genres, karaoke, bachata parties, kizomba parties, zouk parties, pool parties, pool games, stand-up (Hebrew), dance performances, romantic & bachata dance floor, zomba, annual dance competition and national rueda competition, international artists. 
As always, the event is being co-produced by Revital and Itay Erez, in cooperation with dance schools from all over Israel. 
Attendance can be submitted via any of the affiliates. 
Festival site, with ongoing updates about the festival: 

See you at “Ballagan” 2019 !!