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Who is the Blagan Festival intended for?

he Blagan Festival is intended for anyone who loves Latin music, music in general, enjoys dancing or is curious to explore the world of dance, break their routine, meet new people, and gain new experiences.

Where does the Blagan Festival take place?

The Ballagan Festival takes place every year in the city of Eilat.


 I don't know how to dance, will there be anything for me to do at the festival?

Absolutely! The Ballagan Festival provides a wide range of activities around the clock. There are over 40 dance workshops in all styles and levels, from basic to master level, taught by the best dance schools in the country and around the world. Participants who do not know how to dance can also join basic workshops in any style they wish and start dancing right at the current festival. The dancing atmosphere is so captivating that you will soon find yourself jumping from level to level easily.

In addition to the dance workshops, the Blagan Festival offers a variety of activities that are not necessarily related to your dance abilities: performances by dancers from Israel and abroad, swimming pool games with prizes, stand-up comedy shows, karaoke, dance competitions between schools, and more.


What is the level of dancers at the Ballagan festival?

The festival is suitable for all levels of dancers. The audience of dancers at the festival varies in different levels of dance, ranging from zero knowledge to master levels. The enormous number of people who attend the Ballagan festival ensures that you will always find yourself with people according to your level.

I really want to go to the Ballagan festival, but I don't have anyone to go with.

Don't forget that one of the goals of the festival is to meet new people. During the festival, in workshops, games, through dance clubs, and through shared rooms. This is a great opportunity to develop both your dance and social skills and create interesting new friendships. Of course, if you come from the dance world, you can always persuade people from the club to join you and feel that you are not alone. Most festival participants come without a partner and find dance partners and workshop mates. Finding dance partners is an accepted and routine thing in the dance world. Even experienced or seasoned dancers or those who come with partners for dancing find themselves exchanging partners during the evening - this is an important and desirable part of dance skills.

What are the music genres heard at the Balagan festival?

During the festival, many diverse music genres from the Latin world and beyond are played simultaneously, including:

Cuban Salsa

LA Salsa

Dura Salsa

Romantic and nostalgic Salsalita




All-time dancing

Line dancing


How do I get to the Balagan festival?

he main venue is located in the main hotel in Eilat(Israel). You can reach the festival independently by carpooling with friends, flights, or, of course, through organized transportation with an additional fee departing from several locations throughout the country. You can request transportation by filling out the registration form, and we will take care of the rest.


What if I can't find an activity suitable for me at the festival?

We carefully plan the activity schedule for months and think of all the details. The festival's schedule is rich in activities, workshops, parties, karaoke, stand-up performances, live shows, massages on a variety of topics, pool games, monster parties, and more. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will receive a rich schedule, and you can plan your stay time according to the activities that interest you to ensure that you don't miss a thing! Of course, our schedule is published on the festival's website so that you can get an impression in advance.


Can I buy a ticket for some of the activities?

There is an option to buy a participation bracelet in the festival, which grants access only to all parties without accommodation and meals.


Is there free drinking including alcohol?

Yes, yes, and yes! Dance, drink, and enjoy - that's exactly why you came here. The bar is in accordance with the hotel's specifications and includes locally produced alcohol.


Accessibility for the disabled

Definitely yes, in all the festival's hotels there are rooms for the disabled which we reserve for the benefit of our guests who need them.


Do you have any more questions? We will be happy to help and answer - contact us at 0502855888.

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